Orange clothing be worn with a blue scarf or white or black scarf. The choose match of scarf color depends on the color of the dress, had better have bigger color difference. In this way, you can show the layers of clothes and scarves. For example light knitted scarf with dark knitted sweater, light knitted sweater with dark scarf, so that more nifty known as pink. One of girls’ favorite colors. Pink is the most innocent color, symbolizing sweet, lovely, tender and pure; Pink romance on behalf of women, youth, beautiful, feminine, elegant and noble grace with blue clothes, and different gender have different collocation, below I specific to guide you how to match the blue clothing: 1, women’s wear water blue coat with white, cream-colored or khaki shirt is preferred, extreme color of skin fair-skinneds in vain, full of youthful vitality. Men would be well advised to wear a royal blue coat with a white shirt and black pants.