Because think necessary ask match they together

Because think necessary ask match they together, as you said, with black jeans, jeans with canvas shoes is a perfect match, and one of the classics, so don’t worry, even if it comes from your own style. It doesn’t matter if it’s low or high, wear low if your height isn’t ideal Said although you don’t want to wear jeans, but I still suggest you choose jeans, leisure, other people’s eyes focus will not fall on the issue of your fat, let’s just say you fat ~ if you want to choose cloth pants, also as far as possible is the best choose brunet, so that not only look more thin, but also more restrained That is to say, they are reasonable with any color, so if you do not know what color is good when buying clothes, then these three colors will not be wrong

Mind that do not have a large area of green body

Mind that do not have a large area of green body . Can the and black or darker colors + red shoes, will pull people line of sight to your feet, very contrast, in with Suitable for cool people. The same as color/ colour red feel the lower body slants fat, so the main purpose of dress collocation is to show thin. So we can go like this. You can tuck a white into a dark, round skirt and fasten it with a two-centimeter wide belt to create an line, a style that makes the waist slimmer and conceals can match colors with low saturation, and brightness, so as long as your green is not very bright green, there is no problem. Of course, the clothing combination should consider style and material besides color, if your personal can white blue dress is tie-in leggings, with pure color is beautiful, careful tie-in pane, of big flower, or the dot of black bottom is waited, give a person easily so sense. the age of 25, black, khaki, wine red, military green is the best, giving a sense of youthful vigor

Because gray belongs to slant cool color, everybody thinks this color is more difficult to match. However, grey shoes with a combination of sun, and romantic clothes and other people will always make you more colorful. Grey shoes bright clothes to give a youthful look. Matching clothes with brighter colors is a complement of colors