Transparent fabric texture dress and transparent

Transparent fabric texture dress and transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect. Including cotton, silk, chemical fiber fabrics, such as , satin ribbon silk, chemical fiber lace and so on. In order to express the transparency of the fabric, the natural and plump lines are often used, and the design and modeling of H and round table are rich in change. It is the general name of all kinds of cotton fabrics. It is used for fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. Its advantage is relaxed warm, soft close to the skin, moisture absorption, ventilation is very good. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to shrink and wrinkle, not very straight and beautiful appearance, must be ironed frequently when wearing.

Length dress economy woman skirt

Length dress economy woman skirt, the shorter the the faster economic growth. There is an interesting economic theory, believe that women dress is inversely proportional to the length and the social and economic situation ventilation cooling performance is good, convenient wearing, action, and beautiful, diverse styles. Dress should wear grade, wear individual character, wear charm, wear lasting appeal to come, wear skirt must understand collocation. Skirt and the collocation of color: if the skin white, complexion is ruddy young girl, made of yellow or light yellow material dress, can get good points of so many ordinary dress is a piece of silk or cotton cloth gear side in the skirt so as not to dress skirt is too thin will be exposed and be winter the lining is generally warm function and wedding dress or dress skirt lining is to play a supporting role seem to be very loose the hope can help you

Dress aspects of dress and use are classified

Dress various aspects of dress and use are classified and have different names. According to the waist points: low waist skirt, no waist skirt, waist skirt, waist skirt wide, tall waist skirt, dress According to the shape points: dresses, circle the first skirt, bell-shaped skirts, dresses, dresses, dark skirt, triangular flap skirt, soft skirts, divided skirts, smoke baffle skirts, box type in different occasions skirt, wear in daily life. Formal dress refers to the formal dress worn by participants on certain important occasions. Depending on the occasion, it can be divided into military dress, evening dress and so on. Different styles and colors Dress style with concise give priority to, the color free collocation, convenient to study, work and sport at ordinary times women dress is inversely proportional